Cryptid Club – Sarah Andersen

Cryptid Club book cover

I do love Sarah Andersen's work, particularly Sarah's Scribbles, but also the more recent branching out, such as Fangs. This is another direction again, and I first stumbled across strips from the Cryptids on Instagram. Here we have a whole collection of the weird and wonderful! So what exactly is a cryptid? The dictionary definition is: "an animal whose … Continue reading Cryptid Club – Sarah Andersen

The Umbrella Academy (season 3)

umbrella academy s3 poster

(Usual spoiler: talking about how season 3 starts is kind of a spoiler for how season 2 ends) Meet the Hargreaves: seven 'siblings' who were brought together as babies by an eccentric millionaire who decided their highly unusual births - none of their mothers having been pregnant the day before - signalled something special. And … Continue reading The Umbrella Academy (season 3)