Infinity Gate – MR Carey

Infinity Gate cover

"They say that children born in wartime are likely to have problems throughout their lives; to struggle both with the uncertainties of the world and with their own emotions and to search in vain for happiness." With the Earth on the brink of environmental collapse, the billionaires of the world pool resources to fund any scientific … Continue reading Infinity Gate – MR Carey

And Put Away Childish Things – Adrian Tchaikovsky

And Put Away Childish Things cover

"It is said that, long ago, there were many ways into the land of Underhill, but one by one they fell away." Felix 'Harry' Bodie is a children's TV presenter who thinks he can boost his fading career by going on one of those shows that digs into your family tree. His grandmother wrote a … Continue reading And Put Away Childish Things – Adrian Tchaikovsky

The Menu (2022)

The Menu movie poster

It's not enough to just make really good food these days, there has to be a grand theatre to it - at least, for the 'hardcore foodies', critics, and incredibly rich types. Samples of each of these groups are about to travel to the incredibly exclusive, upmarket island restaurant, Hawthornes, where the chef (Ralph Fiennes) … Continue reading The Menu (2022)

The Game is a Footnote – Vicki Delany

Game is a Footnote cover

"Despite being the oldest house in West London, Massachusetts, Scarlet House has led a quiet, peaceful existence." When strange things start to happen at a historical re-enactment house, the trustees ask local sleuth, Gemma Doyle, if she'll look into it for them. Bookshop owner and definitely not consulting detective Gemma is reluctant, but thinks it'll … Continue reading The Game is a Footnote – Vicki Delany