Digging Up Trouble – Kitt Crowe

digging up trouble cover

"'You're a blasted idiot, is what you are,' the old man growled in a voice too loud for the middle of the popular downtown diner." I've got a real liking for a 'palate cleanse' of a cosy mystery in between more serious reads, and finding a new series to try is always exciting. I've got … Continue reading Digging Up Trouble – Kitt Crowe

Apples Never Fall – Liane Moriarty

apples never fall cover

"The bike lay on the side of the road beneath a grey oak, the handlebars at an odd jutted angle, as if it had been thrown with angry force." It seems like such an appropriate coincidence to have an historic tennis finale happen just as this book publishes, as it tells a tangled story of … Continue reading Apples Never Fall – Liane Moriarty

The Monkey Mind Workout for Perfectionism – Jennifer Shannon

Monkey Mind Workout for Perfectionism cover

"Break free from anxiety and build self-compassion in 30 days!" Perfectionism is one of those 'joke' answers when asked in an interview about your biggest weakness. Oh, I'm such a perfectionist - like it's a good thing. But it's really not much of a joke: it can be a debilitatingly stressful way to live, and … Continue reading The Monkey Mind Workout for Perfectionism – Jennifer Shannon

Booked for Death – Victoria Gilbert

Booked for Death book cover

"A ship may bob, safe at harbor, but that doesn't mean it hasn't experienced┬áthe wide world - or won't again." Escaping personal tragedy, former school teacher Charlotte Reed takes over her great-aunt's book-themed Bed and Breakfast, Chapters, in the historic seaside town of Beaufort, North Carolina. Business is going well, especially due to the literary-themed … Continue reading Booked for Death – Victoria Gilbert