Come With Me – Ronald Malfi

come with me cover

"Every marriage has its secrets." When Aaron's wife, Allison, dies his grief is soon overtaken by stumbling across a huge secret she's been keeping. At first he assumes - understandably - that it was an affair, but when it turns out that she was investigating murders of teenage girls, it's not long before his need … Continue reading Come With Me – Ronald Malfi

Witness for the Dead – Katherine Addison

witness for the dead book cover

"In the jumbled darkness of the catacombs beneath the city of Amalo, there was a shrine to Ulis in his aspect as god of the moon." Witness for the Dead is a story set in the same world as the excellent The Goblin Emperor, but while it is billed as a sequel, you don't have to … Continue reading Witness for the Dead – Katherine Addison