Stranger Things (season 1)

Stranger Things s1 poster

As the fourth season of Stranger Things debuts on Netflix, I asked myself if I should plough right in or did I need to refresh my memory a bit on season 3. Then I realised I hadn't ever rewatched a season, so it felt time to go right back to the beginning! We start on … Continue reading Stranger Things (season 1)

The Grief of Stones – Katherine Addison

The Grief of Stones book cover

"On a cloudy autumn day, I attended the execution of Broset Sheveldar." This is a direct sequel to Witness for the Dead, which was a sequel, or spin-off perhaps, to The Goblin Emperor. Both were instant favourites, and I'm pleased to report thatĀ The Grief of Stones is now, too šŸ™‚ We once again follow Thara … Continue reading The Grief of Stones – Katherine Addison