Rings of Power (season 1)

Rings of Power poster

A thousand years before a certain hobbit stumbled across a certain piece of jewellery, Middle Earth was already a land on the brink of turmoil. Although we begin in relative peace, the Commander of the Northern Armies, aka Galadriel (yes, that one!), is hunting for Sauron, lieutenant of the fallen enemy, Morgoth. Her search takes … Continue reading Rings of Power (season 1)

The Sandman (season 1)

Sandman poster

I've loved the Sandman stories since I first stumbled across them in the local library. I'm not the hugest graphic novels fan, but these are easily my favourite and more than that the whole concept just kind of blows me away. The Endless: a family of, more or less, anthropomorphic personifications of the Big Ideas such as … Continue reading The Sandman (season 1)

Alien 3: The Lost Screenplay – Pat Cadigan & William Gibson

alien 3 cover

"Homo sapiens had been gazing up at the stars for about three hundred millennia before they finally managed to launch themselves off the planet of their origin toward those countless points of light." After the success of the first two Alien movies, the early nineties tried to replicate the success by continuing the franchise. We'd left Ripley escaping … Continue reading Alien 3: The Lost Screenplay – Pat Cadigan & William Gibson