Mindful Sketching – Peggy Dean

Mindful Sketching book cover

"How to develop a drawing practice and embrace the art of imperfection." It's been a while since I reviewed an art book, but I'm forever looking for ways back into the hobby, the creative part of myself. I'm also a big fan of meditation and mindfulness, so the title of this book sounded perfect. It turned … Continue reading Mindful Sketching – Peggy Dean

Manga Artists Copic Marker Colouring Techniques – various

manga artists copic marker techniques cover

First a confession: I'm a Promarkers girl rather than Copics, but the two are similar enough that I could still get a lot from this book. About the only thing that wasn't transferable were the colour codes in the examples - and that is a little bit of a shame, as there are loads of … Continue reading Manga Artists Copic Marker Colouring Techniques – various

Just Draw Fineliner Art – Liam Carver

just draw fineliner art cover

Incredible illustrations crafted with fineliner pens. I'd love to be more artistic and am always drawn to art books. However, they can often be more daunting than inspirational, either through fantastic skill or 'complicated' and/or expensive materials. Fineliner pens, however, are something I already own. I might still feel a little daunted about the skills … Continue reading Just Draw Fineliner Art – Liam Carver