Death Overdue – Allison Brook

death overdue cover

"Time to move on." I'm getting quite fond of the 'cosy mystery' genre, turning to these kinds of titles for easy and uplifting reads. I also love books set in libraries, so this sounded like a win-win. Carrie Singleton is getting ready to leave her childhood town again and go back to her rootless existence … Continue reading Death Overdue – Allison Brook

The Year of Saying Yes – Hannah Doyle

"If I cock up the next few hours of my life then I'm going to have to admit defeat." I've definitely been in the mood for some light'n'fluffy reading (and viewing) of late, and the optimistic title of this caught my eye on NetGalley. I was expecting something of a cross between Yes Man and a … Continue reading The Year of Saying Yes – Hannah Doyle

The Undiscovered Goddess – Michelle Colston

"Stylish but Shallow: The upside is you have great taste. The downside is you're completely shallow." When Holly gets the above result from a Cosmo personality test, it somehow hits her harder than the hundreds she's taken before. And although she's already started and discarded dozens of self-improvement schemes, this time she's determined to stick … Continue reading The Undiscovered Goddess – Michelle Colston