Moon Knight (season 1)

Moon Knight poster

Museum gift shop worker, Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) has problems. He's rubbish with romance, his boss won't give him a promotion despite his encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Ancient Egyptian, and he has to cuff himself to the bedpost every night to stop some quite extreme sleep-walking. As in, wake up in a different country … Continue reading Moon Knight (season 1)

The Batman (2022)

The Batman movie poster

To be honest, I wasn't desperately fussed about this movie. It feels like we've had at least twenty Batmans (Batmen?) in the past couple of years, and superhero fatigue has long since set in - even for me - more generally. But then people started raving about this a bit, and I allowed myself to … Continue reading The Batman (2022)

Eternals (2021)

eternals poster

7000 years ago, a group of super-powered, immortal beings were sent to Earth to fight against the monstrous Deviants. Long thinking their mission complete, they've formed lives among humanity while they wait for their masters, the Celestials, to call them home. It's those masters who banned them from interfering in other human struggles, be that … Continue reading Eternals (2021)