Oddball – Sarah Andersen

Oddball book cover

Sarah's Scribbles is a comic series - online, and a set of books - celebrating life as an awkward nerd. Something I can entirely get behind! ūüôā The simple style of the artwork perfectly captures the humour in various, relatable situations. Although there's no overarching 'story', there are recurring themes, including cat ownership, being an … Continue reading Oddball – Sarah Andersen

She Hulk (season 1)

She Hulk poster

I have more than reached the point of "Urgh, not another Marvel TV show", if I'm being honest. And frankly, Hulk is probably my least-favourite character, smart version or otherwise. But, seeing this was only a half-hour show, I figured I'd give it an episode. And... it's fun. Ooh - there's what's been missing through … Continue reading She Hulk (season 1)

Eternals (2021)

eternals poster

7000 years ago, a group of super-powered, immortal beings were sent to Earth to fight against the monstrous Deviants. Long thinking their mission complete, they've formed lives among humanity while they wait for their masters, the Celestials, to call them home. It's those masters who banned them from interfering in other human struggles, be that … Continue reading Eternals (2021)