Digging Up Trouble – Kitt Crowe

digging up trouble cover

"'You're a blasted idiot, is what you are,' the old man growled in a voice too loud for the middle of the popular downtown diner." I've got a real liking for a 'palate cleanse' of a cosy mystery in between more serious reads, and finding a new series to try is always exciting. I've got … Continue reading Digging Up Trouble – Kitt Crowe

The Glitter End – Vivian Conroy

The Glitter End book cover

"'Watch out for the top of the door!'" We first met Delta Douglas back in Last Pen Standing, when she moved to a sleepy former Gold Rush town to open a craft supplies shop with her best friend. We rejoin them, two murders later (!), as the tourist town of Tundish hits the slow autumn/winter season. … Continue reading The Glitter End – Vivian Conroy

Little Bookshop of Murder – Maggie Blackburn

little bookshop of murder cover

"Summer Merriweather slipped off her flip-flops, allowing the sand's warmth to comfort the bottom of her feet like it had thousands of times before." I'm a sucker for stories about books and bookshops, and there's something lovely about a good cosy mystery when you need some non-mentally-taxing reading. Alas, while not dreadful by any means, … Continue reading Little Bookshop of Murder – Maggie Blackburn