Bookclubbed to Death – VM Burns

Bookclubbed to Death book cover

"'Snickers, come!' I yelled." Bookshop owner and newly published mystery writer, Samantha Washington, tries to play good samaritan by allowing a local writers' group to meet in her store after their usual location is flooded. She instantly falls foul of the group's leader, (in)famous critic, Delia Marshall. The whole event is marred by both Delia's … Continue reading Bookclubbed to Death – VM Burns

Death in the Margins – Victoria Gilbert

Death in the Margins book cover

"There's no such thing as sleeping late on a Saturday when you have pets." When a mean-spirited, antagonistic dancer is found dead in her dressing room, there is one obvious suspect: the promising young student standing over her holding the murder weapon. An earlier argument between the two only cements the case, but dance teacher, … Continue reading Death in the Margins – Victoria Gilbert