Booked for Death – Victoria Gilbert

Booked for Death book cover

"A ship may bob, safe at harbor, but that doesn't mean it hasn't experienced the wide world - or won't again." Escaping personal tragedy, former school teacher Charlotte Reed takes over her great-aunt's book-themed Bed and Breakfast, Chapters, in the historic seaside town of Beaufort, North Carolina. Business is going well, especially due to the literary-themed … Continue reading Booked for Death – Victoria Gilbert

Murder By Page One – Olivia Matthews

murder by page one cover

"'I was promised chocolate." Marvella - Marvey - moved to the small Georgian town of Peach Coast to be a bigger fish in the pool of librarians than she could manage in her native New York. She's settling in well enough, armed with a notebook to scribble down all of those Southern-isms like 'hissy fit' … Continue reading Murder By Page One – Olivia Matthews

Little Bookshop of Murder – Maggie Blackburn

little bookshop of murder cover

"Summer Merriweather slipped off her flip-flops, allowing the sand's warmth to comfort the bottom of her feet like it had thousands of times before." I'm a sucker for stories about books and bookshops, and there's something lovely about a good cosy mystery when you need some non-mentally-taxing reading. Alas, while not dreadful by any means, … Continue reading Little Bookshop of Murder – Maggie Blackburn