Don’t Worry Darling (2022)

don't worry darling poster

Life could be a dream... and is, for Alice (Florence Pugh), a 1950s housewife living in a remote, close-knit community purpose-built for the families of her husband's (Harry Styles) new employer. Every morning she and the other wives wave off their spouses as they drive (in a fleet of glamorous 50s cars) across the surrounding … Continue reading Don’t Worry Darling (2022)

Severance (season 1)

Severance poster

Imagine if you could arrive at work each morning, get into the elevator, and blink - it's home time and you're stepping back out of the elevator ready to go back to life. Aside from the missing hours, as far as you're concerned, work takes up only 2 commutes a day and nothing else of … Continue reading Severance (season 1)

Elvis (2022)

Elvis movie poster

Elvis Presley. The 'King' of rock and roll. A very deserved soubriquet, he had talent and looks - and a tragic story. Definitely ripe for a huge blockbuster movie! My interest in this film was admittedly a little more Baz Luhrmann than the King himself; Elvis was before my time, really. But you can't argue … Continue reading Elvis (2022)