Poster Girl – Veronica Roth

poster girl cover

"When she thinks of the time before, she thinks of the photo shoot." Sonya Kantor will soon be the youngest resident of the Aperture. Once she lived a privileged life of wealth and respectability, a rare second child for a family in favour. Her father worked for the ruling party, the Delegation. When the revolution … Continue reading Poster Girl – Veronica Roth

Day Zero – C Robert Cargill

day zero book cover

"The first day of the end of the world started entirely without incident." Day Zero is told from the point of view of Pounce, a high-end 'nanny bot', shaped like a tiger and designed to be his charge's toy, caregiver, and best friend rolled into one. Said charge is eight-year-old Ezra, and so far things … Continue reading Day Zero – C Robert Cargill