Nettle and Bone – T Kingfisher

Nettle and Bone book cover

"The trees were full of crows and the woods were full of madmen." Marra is the third daughter of the King and Queen of a small but strategically important harbour kingdom. The sisters' lives aren't wholly their own: the first is married off to a prince, as is the second when she dies. Marra is … Continue reading Nettle and Bone – T Kingfisher

The Girl and the Stars – Mark Lawrence

girl and the stars cover

"Many babies have killed, but it is very rare that the victim is not their mother." On the barren ice fields of Abeth, Yaz and her clan are on the annual pilgrimage to the Black Rock, home of the priests that oversee all of the tribes. It is here that each youngster is tested, and … Continue reading The Girl and the Stars – Mark Lawrence