Two Tribes – Chris Beckett

two tribes cover

"Harry Roberts describes a shallow valley, like an indentation in a quilt, with green pastures and tress on either side." When a 23rd century historian discovers journals from two people writing about each other and the same events in 2016, she's inspired to try to tell their story, pieced together from writings and an abundance … Continue reading Two Tribes – Chris Beckett

The Glass Hotel – Emily St John Mandel

glass hotel cover

"Begin at the end: plummeting down the side of the ship in the storm's wild darkness, breath gone with the shock of falling, my camera flying away through the rain-" Vincent is the child of her father's infidelity, leaving her with a strange relationship with her half-brother, Paul. The pair's lives take very different turns, … Continue reading The Glass Hotel – Emily St John Mandel

The Museum of Extraordinary Things – Alice Hoffman

"You would think it would be impossible to find anything new in the world, creatures no man has ever see before, one-of-a-kind oddities in which nature has taken a backseat to the coursing pulse of the fantastical and the marvelous." I was expecting something in the 'magical realism' genre from this, something hopefully a bit like … Continue reading The Museum of Extraordinary Things – Alice Hoffman