Cryptid Club – Sarah Andersen

Cryptid Club book cover

I do love Sarah Andersen's work, particularly Sarah's Scribbles, but also the more recent branching out, such as Fangs. This is another direction again, and I first stumbled across strips from the Cryptids on Instagram. Here we have a whole collection of the weird and wonderful! So what exactly is a cryptid? The dictionary definition is: "an animal whose … Continue reading Cryptid Club – Sarah Andersen

Everything is OK – Debbie Tung

Everything is OK book cover

"For everyone who is going through a tough time. You are not alone. You matter. You are enough just as you are right now." A while ago I read the graphic novel, Book Love, by Debbie Tung. It's such an adorably sweet book, you never would have guessed that the author was struggling with anxiety and … Continue reading Everything is OK – Debbie Tung

Mythologica – Stephen P Kershaw

An Encyclopedia of Gods, Monsters and Mortals from Ancient Greece. "Myths are important. Greek myths are much more than children's stories... They might, or might not, be true, but this doesn't take away their power. They are traditional tales that are incredibly important to the people who tell them. But they are also free-flowing, adaptable, … Continue reading Mythologica – Stephen P Kershaw