Stress into Strength – Nick Arnett

Stress into Strength book cover

"When a coach or physical therapist urges you to work hard, that's because physical stress can become strength." I'm finding it really tough to review this book - or indeed, finish reading it, which took almost a year (!). It's not bad at all, it's just... hmm. For a start, going through a heck of … Continue reading Stress into Strength – Nick Arnett

Mindful Sketching – Peggy Dean

Mindful Sketching book cover

"How to develop a drawing practice and embrace┬áthe art of imperfection." It's been a while since I reviewed an art book, but I'm forever looking for ways back into the hobby, the creative part of myself. I'm also a big fan of meditation and mindfulness, so the title of this book sounded perfect. It turned … Continue reading Mindful Sketching – Peggy Dean

The Monkey Mind Workout for Perfectionism – Jennifer Shannon

Monkey Mind Workout for Perfectionism cover

"Break free from anxiety and build self-compassion in 30 days!" Perfectionism is one of those 'joke' answers when asked in an interview about your biggest weakness. Oh, I'm such a perfectionist - like it's a good thing. But it's really not much of a joke: it can be a debilitatingly stressful way to live, and … Continue reading The Monkey Mind Workout for Perfectionism – Jennifer Shannon