Plan a Happy Life – Stephanie Fleming

plan a happy life cover

"Stop asking for permission to be happy. Create your own happiness!" Tagline: "Define your passion, nurture your creativity, and take hold of your dreams." Stephanie Fleming is half of the family team behind a 'Happy Planner', Me and My Big Ideas (Mambi), and this book is - as well as a little tiny bit of … Continue reading Plan a Happy Life – Stephanie Fleming

Effortless – Greg McKeown

"Not everything has to be so hard." The tagline for this book is "Make it easier to do what matters most", and I am all for that sentiment! I haven't read Greg McKeown's previous book, Essentialism, but while that was about doing the right things (rather than trying to do more), this is about asking … Continue reading Effortless – Greg McKeown

Why the F*ck Can’t I Change – Dr. Gabija Toleikyte

why the f can't i change cover

"Have you ever come up with amazing New Year's resolutions like losing weight, starting to save money, setting up your own business, exercising regularly, changing your career, eating more healthily or quitting smoking?" Ah yes, New Year's Resolutions - and as the intro says, come February most of them will be long forgotten or guilty … Continue reading Why the F*ck Can’t I Change – Dr. Gabija Toleikyte