Murder Most Actual – Alexis Hall

murder most actual cover

"They were lost." Liza and Hanna have been having marriage problems for some time now, so Hanna books them a romantic weekend away in a remote Scottish hotel. Liza's irritation at not being consulted about the whole thing, though, is soon lost to the distraction of an event very close to her career as a … Continue reading Murder Most Actual – Alexis Hall

This Charming Man – CK McDonnell

this charming man cover

"The hunger. The damned hunger." Welcome to the offices of the Stranger Times newspaper, your first choice for all things paranormal, weird and wonderful. Werewolves on the M60? Haunted cinemas and demon-infested pubs? Read all about such things here! But despite all the team's experience with the supernatural, they weren't really prepared for vampires - because … Continue reading This Charming Man – CK McDonnell

The Geeky Bartender Drinks – Cassandra Reeder

geeky bartender cover

"Since, well, birth, but more publicly since I started The Geeky Chef in 2008, my passion project has been making recipes for fictional or unusual foods from books, TV, movies, and games." I think I've just found my new favourite cocktail book! Inspired by geek culture, this features 'potions' and cocktails from a range of … Continue reading The Geeky Bartender Drinks – Cassandra Reeder