Spirited (2022)

Spirited poster

Do we really need another take on A Christmas Carol? Didn't the Muppets already ace that? 😉 Well actually I think they've managed to find a decent new take here, and update it for the 21st Century, too. Will Ferrell plays the Ghost of Christmas Present, one third of the 'public' facing part of a huge team … Continue reading Spirited (2022)

Oddball – Sarah Andersen

Oddball book cover

Sarah's Scribbles is a comic series - online, and a set of books - celebrating life as an awkward nerd. Something I can entirely get behind! 🙂 The simple style of the artwork perfectly captures the humour in various, relatable situations. Although there's no overarching 'story', there are recurring themes, including cat ownership, being an … Continue reading Oddball – Sarah Andersen

This Charming Man – CK McDonnell

this charming man cover

"The hunger. The damned hunger." Welcome to the offices of the Stranger Times newspaper, your first choice for all things paranormal, weird and wonderful. Werewolves on the M60? Haunted cinemas and demon-infested pubs? Read all about such things here! But despite all the team's experience with the supernatural, they weren't really prepared for vampires - because … Continue reading This Charming Man – CK McDonnell