Lightyear (2022)

Lightyear movie poster

"In 1995 Andy got a toy. That toy was based on a movie. This is that movie." Andy, of course, being the little boy in Toy Story (1995 are you kidding me?!), and the toy in question being one Buzz Lightyear. So, this is sort of a prequel to Toy Story, the origin story for the … Continue reading Lightyear (2022)

Cryptid Club – Sarah Andersen

Cryptid Club book cover

I do love Sarah Andersen's work, particularly Sarah's Scribbles, but also the more recent branching out, such as Fangs. This is another direction again, and I first stumbled across strips from the Cryptids on Instagram. Here we have a whole collection of the weird and wonderful! So what exactly is a cryptid? The dictionary definition is: "an animal whose … Continue reading Cryptid Club – Sarah Andersen

This Charming Man – CK McDonnell

this charming man cover

"The hunger. The damned hunger." Welcome to the offices of the Stranger Times newspaper, your first choice for all things paranormal, weird and wonderful. Werewolves on the M60? Haunted cinemas and demon-infested pubs? Read all about such things here! But despite all the team's experience with the supernatural, they weren't really prepared for vampires - because … Continue reading This Charming Man – CK McDonnell