Safely Endangered Comics – Chris McCoy

safely endangered comics cover

I've been seeing Chris McCoy's work around various social media outlets, and I knew it tickled my sometimes warped, usually geeky kind of humour. I couldn't detect any particular order to the comics here, just a random collection of mainly single-page, 2-4 panel jokes. Most of them made me smile, one or two made no … Continue reading Safely Endangered Comics – Chris McCoy

Book Learnin’ – John McNamee

book learnin cover

I'm not familiar with Pie Comics, but author John McNamee apparently contributes to the Onion and the New Yorker. His style is relatively simple, but with a biting wit - both aspects I find myself rather liking. The book is split into several topics, including The Arts, Social Sciences, Zoology, Science and Technology, and Business. … Continue reading Book Learnin’ – John McNamee

Early Riser – Jasper Fforde

early riser cover

"Survivability has increased during hibernation since the introduction of Dormitoria, efficient weight-gain regimes and Morphenox, but superstition and fear remain." Imagine an Earth that never really made it out of the last ice age. Perhaps in such a world humans will have evolved to hibernate, sleeping away the cold winter after laying down stores of … Continue reading Early Riser – Jasper Fforde