Ancillary Justice – Ann Leckie

Ancillary Justice cover

"The body lay naked and facedown, a deathly gray, spatters of blood staining the snow around it." I've been hearing amazing things about this book and its sequels, Ancillary Sword and Ancillary Mercy, for quite some time now. Me being me, it takes me a while to get 'round to things - but I'm rather glad I finally … Continue reading Ancillary Justice – Ann Leckie

Bryony and Roses – T Kingfisher

"She was going to die because of the rutabagas." Bryony may just have found herself trapped in a magical manor house with a surprisingly eloquent Beast, but if there's one thing she's not it's a 'beauty'. She is, however, a gardener, and as things in the House take ever darker turns it might just turn … Continue reading Bryony and Roses – T Kingfisher

Heart of Granite – James Barclay

"Max was woken by an insistent nagging at the back of his mind. It probably wasn't important." The Heart of Granite is a behemoth: a kilometres-long lizard bio-engineered with alien DNA, genetically modified to allow thousands of people and smaller lizard species to live within its body (although all the mentions of seeping fluids make it a bit less appealing … Continue reading Heart of Granite – James Barclay