The Escapement – Lavie Tidhar

escapement cover

"The boy was very still in the small white bed." The Stranger is a gunslinger on a quest, riding through the dreamlike lands of the Escapement. Dangers abound, from symbol storms and wild clowns, to giant stone Colossi walking the lands, and everywhere 'magic' swirling in the aether. In a parallel world, a man sits … Continue reading The Escapement – Lavie Tidhar

The Glass Hotel – Emily St John Mandel

glass hotel cover

"Begin at the end: plummeting down the side of the ship in the storm's wild darkness, breath gone with the shock of falling, my camera flying away through the rain-" Vincent is the child of her father's infidelity, leaving her with a strange relationship with her half-brother, Paul. The pair's lives take very different turns, … Continue reading The Glass Hotel – Emily St John Mandel