The Furthest Station – Ben Aaronovitch

furthest station cover

"Jaget said he'd been watching this documentary on TV about the way people learn to track animals." Set between Foxglove Summer and The Hanging Tree, The Furthest Station picks up with PC Peter Grant well into his training as a... well, magician is probably not a word he'd enjoy. Practitioner? Either way, this isn't really a … Continue reading The Furthest Station – Ben Aaronovitch

Foxglove Summer – Ben Aaronovitch

Foxglove Summer cover

"I was just passing the Hoover Centre when I heard Mr Punch scream his rage behind me." Following on from a bit of a shock at the end of the previous book, Broken Homes, Foxglove Summer feels like a bit of a deep breath and attempt at a fresh start for Peter - or at the very least, … Continue reading Foxglove Summer – Ben Aaronovitch

Broken Homes – Ben Aaronovitch

broken homes cover

"At twenty-three minutes past eleven Robert Weil drove his 53 registered Volvo V70 across the bridge that links Pease Pottage, the improbably named English village, with Pease Pottage, the motorway service station." Despite finding the previous installment - Whispers Under Ground - a little disappointing in terms of the overall series, it did leave me keen … Continue reading Broken Homes – Ben Aaronovitch