The Cliff House – Chris Brookmyre

The Cliff House book cover

"They had been on the island less than five hours and already the whole thing was falling apart." A group of women head to a remote Scottish island for a lavish hen do. But when someone turns up dead, the question of 'who dunnit' only stirs up the secrets surrounding each of them. Jen's friends include … Continue reading The Cliff House – Chris Brookmyre

A Poisonous Page – Kitt Crowe

A Poisonous Page book cover

"Death is good for business." Welcome back to Confection, Oregon, with this second instalment in the Sweet Fiction bookshop cosy mysteries. The town might be full of sweet names, but there's also a killer on the loose! I really enjoyed Digging Up Trouble, where we first met Lexi, manager of her parent's bookshop, just as she … Continue reading A Poisonous Page – Kitt Crowe