Boneland – Alan Garner

boneland cover

"'Listen. I'll tell you. I've got to tell you.'" One of the books I remember fondly from my childhood is┬áThe Weirdstone of Brisingamen, a dark children's adventure first published in 1960, that pulled in elements of mythology and horror. A few years ago I discovered the author had penned a couple of sequels, and tried … Continue reading Boneland – Alan Garner

Mythologica – Stephen P Kershaw

An Encyclopedia of Gods, Monsters and Mortals from Ancient Greece. "Myths are important. Greek myths are much more than children's stories... They might, or might not, be true, but this doesn't take away their power. They are traditional tales that are incredibly important to the people who tell them. But they are also free-flowing, adaptable, … Continue reading Mythologica – Stephen P Kershaw