World War Z (2013)

When a zombie plague starts spreading across the globe, Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) is coerced into using the skills from his previous job to help investigate the cause – and hopefully cure – for the outbreak.

What follows is a trek around the planet tracking down clues and running away from a lot of super-speedy undead just desperate to sink their teeth into someone. And… urm… that’s about it, really.

It’s not terrible, but it wasn’t entirely engaging, either. Loved ones in peril? Check. Lots of cannon fodder roles? Check. One man with that special set of skills to overcome gaping plot holes? Hah, yeah.

Overall, my takeaway was: “If it’s so different from the book, then I think I probably want to read the book – it’s probably a lot better.”

Released: 2nd June 2013
Running time: 116 minutes
Rated: 15

My rating: 5/10