Manga Artists Copic Marker Colouring Techniques – various

manga artists copic marker techniques cover

First a confession: I'm a Promarkers girl rather than Copics, but the two are similar enough that I could still get a lot from this book. About the only thing that wasn't transferable were the colour codes in the examples - and that is a little bit of a shame, as there are loads of … Continue reading Manga Artists Copic Marker Colouring Techniques – various

Life Coaching – Alexander R Davis

life coaching cover

"I would like to start this off with a story." Let's cut to the chase: I do not like this book. It lost me from the opening paragraphs and a *horrible* initial message, which it then follows up with a pile of decent enough, but brief, well-worn (and often half-lifted from other places) advice. But … Continue reading Life Coaching – Alexander R Davis