Pulling the Wings Off Angels – KJ Parker

Pulling the Wings off Angels book cover

"'First,' said Florio the gangster, 'I'm going to cut off your nose and make you eat it.'" Upon racking up quite the impressive gambling debt, our protagonist - a clerical student who doesn't believe in God - is offered a deal: the debt will be wiped, but in return he's to hand over the angel … Continue reading Pulling the Wings Off Angels – KJ Parker

The Name of the Rose (season 1)

name of the rose poster

Back in the late 1980s, a movie adaptation was made of Umberto Eco's historical mystery, The Name of the Rose. Starring Sean Connery and a very young Christian Slater in one of his first roles, I rather loved it and enjoyed the book on the back of it. So when I saw there was a new adaptation … Continue reading The Name of the Rose (season 1)

Ben-Hur (2016)

Judah Ben-Hur is a pacifist prince in a Jerusalem being overtaken by Rome, until his adopted Roman brother, Messala, returns from the wars and falsely accuses Judah of treason. After 5 years as a galley slave, a shipwreck and chance meeting with a chariot racing team in town for the opening of the new 'circus' … Continue reading Ben-Hur (2016)