Stone Blind – Natalie Haynes

Stone Blind book cover

"I see you." Medusa was thrice wronged: raped by Neptune, very unfairly punished for it by Athena, and then known throughout history as the snake-headed, stone-turning monster. It's about time someone put the story straight. Such is the premise of this book, that Medusa will finally get a fair say. And while there is a … Continue reading Stone Blind – Natalie Haynes

The Angel of the Crows – Katherine Addison

angel of the crows cover

"When I left London in 1878, I intended never to return." I'd never heard the term 'wingfic' until the afterword of this novel, where the author informs us that The Angel of the Crows 'started' life as wingfic of Sherlock Holmes. Started? It's well written, it's pleasurable enough to read, but AotC is absolutely a fan fiction … Continue reading The Angel of the Crows – Katherine Addison