The Red Scholar’s Wake – Aliette de Bodard

red scholar's wake cover

"'The Red Scholar is dead.'" Xích Si's life as she's known it has come to an end. Captured by pirates, even if the impossible happened and they let her go, she'd be arrested as soon as she got home, tainted by association and ever suspect. Her future can only hold indentured servitude, or death. But … Continue reading The Red Scholar’s Wake – Aliette de Bodard

SciFiMonth: Gone But Not Forgotten

banner for SciFiMonth 2022

When I saw this prompt in the schedule I had one instant thought: Mr Iain M Banks. Fantasy was my first love of spec-fic, but science fiction came hot on its heels. One of the keys to that was the work of this quirky, off-beat Scottish writer, who tantalised my teenage imagination with out there … Continue reading SciFiMonth: Gone But Not Forgotten

Nope (2022)

Nope movie poster

When his father dies after being hit by strange, random objects falling from an otherwise clear sky, OJ (Daniel Kaluuya) takes over the running of the family horse ranch. Set in the middle of an expansive, wild valley, it's a perfect eerie location for some very, VERY strange events... To be honest, I have avoided … Continue reading Nope (2022)