The Tomorrow War (2021)

tomorrow war poster

Dan Forester (Chris Pratt) is not living his best life when, to the world's shock, soldiers from the future arrive with a dire message. In thirty years, humankind will be on the verge of losing a war against alien invaders. Their only hope is for people from now to travel forward and help the fight. … Continue reading The Tomorrow War (2021)

Ten Low – Stark Holborn

ten low cover

"I hunch closer to the sputtering fire." Ten Low was an army medic for the side that lost an intergalactic war. Now she's scratching out an existence in the desert wastes of Factus, a moon on the edge of the settled universe, plagued by 'Ifs' and guilt for her past actions. Trying to make amends … Continue reading Ten Low – Stark Holborn