Sleep Tight – Alison Davies

sleep tight cover

Subtitled: Illustrated Bedtime Stories & Meditations to Soothe You to Sleep I wanted to love this book, but alas I only sort of liked it. It wasn't bad, just didn't quite work for me. The idea is great: gorgeous illustrations for several scenarios, which then get a guided meditation-style story to put yourself in. Each … Continue reading Sleep Tight – Alison Davies

Life Coaching – Alexander R Davis

life coaching cover

"I would like to start this off with a story." Let's cut to the chase: I do not like this book. It lost me from the opening paragraphs and a *horrible* initial message, which it then follows up with a pile of decent enough, but brief, well-worn (and often half-lifted from other places) advice. But … Continue reading Life Coaching – Alexander R Davis

Simplify Your Life – Sarah O’Flaherty

simplify your life cover

"Frustrated with the old processes of goal setting and outmoded self-help techniques, I've developed a new, simplified approach to personal development." There's nothing wrong with this book, but there's nothing new or desperately interesting about it either. And the title felt a bit misleading: there's a lot of very generic improve-your-life stuff (mainly pretty obvious), and … Continue reading Simplify Your Life – Sarah O’Flaherty

The 5-Minute Recharge – Lynne Everatt, Addie Greco-Sanchez

five minute recharge cover

"It all begins with you." Subtitled, "31 Proven Strategies to Refresh, Reset and Become the Boss of Your Day," The 5-Minute Recharge is a series of hints and tips for improving your mental health and overall well-being. As with any such self-help book, what you get out of it will be highly personal to you, … Continue reading The 5-Minute Recharge – Lynne Everatt, Addie Greco-Sanchez

Tiny Leaps Big Changes – Gregg Clunis

tiny leaps big changes cover

"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes." Reading this straight off the back of Burnout really flagged to me the different approaches self-help books can take. Burnout felt supportive, wanting you to have a happier life, helping you tackle some of life's obstacles to achieve that. This, on the other hand, felt like it was castigating … Continue reading Tiny Leaps Big Changes – Gregg Clunis