Miranda and Caliban – Jacqueline Carey

"I awake to the sound of Papa chanting in the outer courtyard." Shakespeare's Tempest more or less starts with the titular storm wrecking the King of Naples and his retinue on the island ruled by the wizard, Prospero. But what of the years before, between the arrival of Prospero and his daughter, Miranda, and the events told … Continue reading Miranda and Caliban – Jacqueline Carey

Monstrous Little Voices – anthology

"The revels in the fairy court of Oberon are, it's said, less glamorous than those of his wife's bower, but more wild." Subtitled, 'New Tales from Shakespeare's Fantasy World', this collection of short novellas takes characters from Shakespeare plays and continues their stories, expanding the world(s) of the Bard. You don't need to be familiar … Continue reading Monstrous Little Voices – anthology