Cogheart – Peter Bunzl

cogheart cover

"Malkin pressed his forepaws against the flight-deck window and peered out." Lily is not cut out to be a proper Victorian girl, preferring the adventures in her penny dreadfuls. But when her father's airship crashes and he goes missing, Lily's life is thrown into dangerous chaos. Aided by her pet mechanical fox, Malkin, and watchmaker's … Continue reading Cogheart – Peter Bunzl

The Masked City – Genevieve Cogman

"The London air was full of smog and filth." I really loved the imagination in the first book of this series,┬áThe Invisible Library, even though I didn't quite think the elements of the story quite lived up to high expectations. Still, it was more than enough to make me grab for the second installment! Following … Continue reading The Masked City – Genevieve Cogman

The Invisible Library – Genevieve Cogman

Irene passed the mop across the stone floor in smooth, careful strokes, idly admiring the gleam of wet flagstones in the lantern-light. A rather bland opening line for a book otherwise crammed full of amazing things! Steampunk alligators, airships, vampires, and of course the Library that collects books from alternate realities...! I absolutely adored the … Continue reading The Invisible Library – Genevieve Cogman