The Alienist (season 1)

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My attempts to catch up with my reviewing leads to this very overdue write up on a surprisingly engrossing TV series. I picked The Alienist on Netflix partly because the title (explained shortly) intrigued me, partly because of the¬†Ripper Street period vibe I was getting, and I thought I'd give an episode a go and … Continue reading The Alienist (season 1)

The Cut – Chris Brookmyre

the cut book cover

"Jerry crouched alongside Millicent's bed and checked again for a pulse." When Millie Spark wakes up to find her boyfriend stabbed to death in the bed beside her, their last night of drugs and booze - plus a locked door - paints her as the only suspect. The press takes delight in decrying her career … Continue reading The Cut – Chris Brookmyre

Joker (2019)

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From Cesar Romero through Jack Nicholson to Heath Ledger, Batman's Joker has gotten darker and less comic-book-y as a character. The more recent films featuring Batman (either Christian Bale, or Ben Affleck) have been getting grittier and darker each time. And then we have Joaquin Phoenix, in director Todd Phillip's new take on the villain's … Continue reading Joker (2019)