The Kingdom – Jess Rothenberg

kingdom cover

"One hour after the murder the room where they at last found him was so cold they wondered, at first, if he had frozen to death." What if Disneyland had a more¬†Westworld kind of a thing going on? That's the premise of this book. A magical Kingdom, where 'hybrids' are bred part machine part flesh, … Continue reading The Kingdom – Jess Rothenberg

The Taking of Annie Thorne – CJ Tudor

taking of annie thorne cover

"Even before stepping into the cottage, Gary knows that this is bad." Joe Thorne is back in his childhood town. Nothing's changed; everything's different - mainly Joe. As his lies - his resume, his gambling habit, his very reasons for being back - start to unravel, slowly, through the course of the novel, we start … Continue reading The Taking of Annie Thorne – CJ Tudor