The Adam Project (2022)

The Adam Project poster

When Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds) travels back from 2050 to put right what once went wrong (urm, wrong show, sorry!), he instead manages to crash land in 2022 where his 12-year-old self (Walker Scobell) is dealing with both the school bullies, the recent death of his father (Mark Ruffalo), and a mother (Jennifer Garner) not … Continue reading The Adam Project (2022)

Boss Level (2021)

Boss Level movie poster

Every morning, Roy's alarm clock wakes him up - seconds before the first assassin of the day tries to decapitate him with a machete. He has, of course, learned to expect that and react, not too difficult with his Special Forces training, but it's taken well over a hundred loops to learn the rest of … Continue reading Boss Level (2021)

2067 (2020)

2067 movie poster

If you're going to watch a movie with an extinction threat in this cursed year, it has to have something other than a virus threatening humankind. In 2067, it's the loss of all plant life on Earth. 'Fake' oxygen now has to be provided for survival, but illnesses that stop even that working are rife. … Continue reading 2067 (2020)