One Foot in the Fade – Luke Arnold

One Foot in the Fade book cover

"Get the f*ck up, Fetch." I've enjoyed our journey so far with Fetch Philips, Man for Hire, but this one was a little difficult to get into. (Last Smile in) Sunder City is almost fully under the control of the industrialists, and reading about a population slaving for 'the man' at the cost of their … Continue reading One Foot in the Fade – Luke Arnold

Dead Man in a Ditch – Luke Arnold

Dead Man in a Ditch book cover

"They say the cold won't kill you if you can remember what it was like to be warm." Welcome back to Sunder City, where we first met Fetch Phillips, Man for Hire. Sunder was one a shining beacon of industry, a vibrant and diverse community than included dwarves, vampires, and more. And then there was … Continue reading Dead Man in a Ditch – Luke Arnold

Escape from Yokai Land – Charles Stross

escape from puroland cover

"'I'm sorry, Bob,' says Dr Armstrong, 'but they asked for you specifically because Hello Kitty is a Londoner.'" Laundry Files main narrator, Bob Howard, is suspiciously absent during the events of The Nightmare Stacks (book 7 in the series) and in this novella we get to follow the side mission he was undertaking in Japan. Yokai … Continue reading Escape from Yokai Land – Charles Stross

This Charming Man – CK McDonnell

this charming man cover

"The hunger. The damned hunger." Welcome to the offices of the Stranger Times newspaper, your first choice for all things paranormal, weird and wonderful. Werewolves on the M60? Haunted cinemas and demon-infested pubs? Read all about such things here! But despite all the team's experience with the supernatural, they weren't really prepared for vampires - because … Continue reading This Charming Man – CK McDonnell