One Foot in the Fade – Luke Arnold

One Foot in the Fade book cover

"Get the f*ck up, Fetch." I've enjoyed our journey so far with Fetch Philips, Man for Hire, but this one was a little difficult to get into. (Last Smile in) Sunder City is almost fully under the control of the industrialists, and reading about a population slaving for 'the man' at the cost of their … Continue reading One Foot in the Fade – Luke Arnold

It’s Wyrd & Wonder time!

Wyrd & Wonder wolf banner

I joined the Wyrd & Wonder clan either last year or the year before, but to my shame I never managed to participate much - for no good reason! Because W&W is all about celebrating all things fantasy and bookish, and those are very much 'me' 🙂 So this year I'm trying harder and have … Continue reading It’s Wyrd & Wonder time!