Shadow Captain – Alastair Reynolds

Shadow Captain cover

"'Tell me what you think you saw.'" Following on immediately from the events in Revenger, usual warning that even mentioning characters that made it to the sequel can be a kind of spoiler. And my opening lines are definitely book 1 spoilers...! Okay with that? Then read on! Having won and renamed The Revenger, the Ness sisters … Continue reading Shadow Captain – Alastair Reynolds

Empire of Sand – Tasha Suri

Empire of Sand cover

"Mehr woke up to a soft voice calling her name." Mehr is a pampered if illegitimate governor's daughter, a virtual prisoner by dint of her gender in the culture she lives in, and a hated reminder of father's first love and thus enemy of her stepmother. She is also a half-caste, and the half that … Continue reading Empire of Sand – Tasha Suri